Becoming a part of Resurgence

Resurgence can’t do the work it does without its members. Membership dues make up a substantial portion of our charitable giving each year, fund our events, and cover the costs of in-game materials. 

Resurgence annual membership costs $35.  Your membership dues go toward:

  • Community-focused giving and projects;
  • Tifos (space, fabric, plastic, paint, and food/drink for volunteers);
  • Supporter Section atmosphere (flags, banners, signs, drums, etc.);
  • Supplementing occasional travel to away games (buses and food/drink);
  • Keeping tailgates FREE and open (no tailgate tickets ever with RSG);
  • Membership swag;

All members get access to:

  • Our Facebook members group, special events and tailgates;
  • SG-only events put on by the Front Office;
  • Away SS ticket access;
  • Members-only merch store and events-list;



With membership, you can select the OG scarf and new yearly patch as the swag option.

You can also choose to get the scarf and patch shipped to you each year with the shipping option.

The other membership option is a credit towards whatever merch you want from our stock.
It is a one-time use coupon for $10 – the new patch will be included for free with every membership.
The 10$ coupon can be used in person at our merch tent OR can be provided as a digital coupon after the launch of our online store!