Match Day

Resurgence focuses on the in-game experience for supporters in The Gulch. This includes planning tifo, waving flags, in-section chants and songs, drums and instruments, traveling to away matches to bring our support to our opponents directly, and the pre-match tailgate parties at home. 

Tifo & Flags


The word is Italian and basically describes passionate support for your club or sporting team. For our purposes, it is the name for any choreography displayed by the supporters in the Supporter Section—this can be a giant banner, flags, card stunt, etc. They are meant to both inspire our club and intimidate our opponents at the beginning of each match and are displayed at the end of the national anthem. Resurgence takes pride in prioritizing tifos and dedicating our resources to funding, creating, and producing these amazing displays for our home matches throughout the season and playoffs!


I’ve got a flag/banner/sign, can I bring it into MBS?

As long as it complies with the guidelines and you are in Resurgence (or another officially recognized SG), absolutely. Come participate in warehouse days to work on flags and banners, get your banner approved by leadership, and get the sticker needed to clear the pole through security.

Flags and banners must come in with the supporters’ march before each match.

CHants & Drums


The Resurgence family prides itself it being Rowdy and Proud for 90+ every game. Here’s what you need to know:

Who writes the chants? Where do they come from?
Each chant has its own story and creator. All supporter groups in the section work together to develop and promote chants. The different styles, origins, and rhythms of our chants reflect the diversity of our members. Atlanta’s supporters hail from all over the world.

How are chants selected?
Capos and Musicians have regular practices where existing chants & songs are practiced, and new ones are workshopped. If you’ve got a great idea, a chant practice day is the place to share it!


If Resurgence is the passion of Atlanta United, the drummers are the heartbeat. Here’s all the info you need to know to keep the pulse going:

I want to drum! How do I join?
You’ll need to participate in the early-season auditions with the capos and musicians from all the supporters’ groups. All capos and musicians have to attend a minimum number of practices out of the total each year to continue to participate in the section.

Where are the musicians located in the stadium?
In the center of the supporters’ section, near row 25 of section 101.

Away Days

From preseason weekends in Chattanooga and Charleston–to 200+ members in Orlando–to a passionate few on the West Coast, Resurgence members were present at every away game. Home or away, Resurgence carries the same banner to cheer on our Five Stripes, Rowdy and Proud.


  • Discounted SS tickets for away matches
  • Flag/banner protocol for each stadium
  • We research transit options
  • Tailgate plans
  • Away FO march coordination

Please note that the away Supporter Section tickets are a perk of being in an official Atlanta United SG and are coordinated through our Front Office and the away Front Offices. Non-members are happy to join us at away games and stand Rowdy and Proud, but our ticket allotment is only available to our members.


We keep members informed of away match details through internal communication. For specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Away Match Watch Parties

We away watch parties with an exclusive partner. Events for every away match watch party are posted to our members-only Facebook group, so make sure to RSVP and get the details there.


Our Approach

Resurgence Tailgates have been and will always be open to all members and future members and are FREE OF CHARGE. No tickets, no fees, no BS – just food, beer, and a damn good time. We drink up, eat up, and get rowdy together before we march into the stadium before every home game!

Our tailgates are potluck style, meaning everyone can show off their cooking expertise as they provide snacks and Pub Sub-style grub for all our members to enjoy. If you want to bring hot dogs or burgers, there is usually a grill set up and available for everyone. Many people also bring drinks for sharing, and there is a cooler filled with sodas/water for designated drivers.

Most importantly, we have partnered with an amazing Atlanta-based brewery: Three Taverns Brewery. They graciously provide FREE beer to Resurgence members 21 and up!

Resurgence tailgates every weekend home game–rain or shine–at 5A Beckwith Ct, just southwest of the stadium.

Tailgates begin with setup 4-5 hours prior to the match, and many of us rally back at the tailgating lot after the match for post-gate activities. Be sure to check the Resurgence (members) Facebook page each week for details. The march generally leaves 60-90 minutes before the start of the game, so the tailgate is taken down just before that time. Please note that Resurgence does not tailgate for weeknight games and meets at a nearby bar instead.

We encourage everyone to take MARTA or use Uber/Lyft/rideshare/DD. Please, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!