About Us

Resurgence is a group of Atlanta United FC supporters that prides itself on the love of the game and the city. This group has worked hard to maintain a grassroots love of the game, united for the sole purpose of supporting AUFC. Where the club goes, we will follow.

When we say grassroots, we mean that our identity comes from us, rather than any sort of branding. We sing our own songs, we wave our own flags, and hold fast our identity with Atlanta. We invest our time, energy, and funds in tifos, flags, and chants, all to make the Supporter Section and our march the most “Rowdy and Proud” in MLS.  When we’re not prepping for matchday, we’re giving back to the Atlanta community through charity tournaments and various community outreach projects. 

While we plan on having fun on matchday and becoming tighter as a group every day, there are some guidelines that individuals must follow as members of Resurgence. There are some that we hope to never encounter, but must be established to protect the group and the individuals that make us who we are.  Check out or Code of Conduct below to learn more.

We are the black and gold.
Hail United.

Our C.O.C.

No Discrimination. Ever.
Any discrimination on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will result in a ban from the group. There will be no vote. There will be no consideration or benefit of the doubt. We take pride in our unity through diversity, and discriminatory behavior goes against us, the game, and the city we love.

Our Creed

You will see our flags, you will feel our shake, and you will hear our songs. What do we sing for? We sing songs of a city defined by its resurgence; by change, progress, and diversity. A city that embraces all, despite the differences in our walks of life. We are both lifelong fans and new converts, brought together by a passion for our sport, for our city, and for our club.


Experience Resurgence

Be a part of MLS’s best atmosphere. Be rowdy & proud.


Resurgence membership costs $35 for new and returning members.

New Members: Memberships comes with our original RSG scarf and 2018 RSG patch.  You can also buy our 2018 Swag Pack (bandana, patch, sunglasses, bottle opener) for $15 more if you wish.

Returning members:  We have two membership packages you can choose from this year – our original combo (original RSG scarf and 2018 RSG patch) or the 2018 Swag Pack (bandana, patch, sunglasses, bottle opener).

New to the game and have questions? Hit us up at membership@resurgenceatl.com

New Member

Original RSG Scarf
2018 RSG Patch

Returning Member

2018 RSG Swag Pack (bandana, patch, sunglasses, bottle opener)

New + Swag

Original RSG Scarf & 2018 Patch + 2018 RSG Swag (bandana, patch, sunglasses, bottle opener)

Returning Member

Original RSG Scarf
2018 RSG Patch
(swag available separately)

Contact Us

Have membership related questions? Reach out to us HERE
Need more information? We got you covered HERE



Mercedes Benz Stadium
1414 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313